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Judy Hansen - Jikiden Reiki Practitioner - 519-271-5757

With a strong desire to be of service and help people live a whole life, I chose Reiki. My goal is to devote my time, to my love of facilitating renewed health and vitality to those I serve. It is both an honour and a blessing to introduce you to an abundance of “ Well Being “

What is Reiki?

Reiki means “universal life force energy”
It is a Japanese method of healing, that always creates a beneficial effect for both the body and the mind. An amazingly simple technique that is available for everyone to learn, regardless of educational or spiritual background. While Reiki is spiritual in nature, it is not a religion. In fact, Reiki is not dependent on belief at all and will work whether you believe in it or not.

What is Jikiden Reiki?

The Jikiden Reiki Institute was founded in Japan by Chiyoko Yamaguchi and her son Tadao Yamaguchi. Jikiden means “directly passed on” or “directly taught”. Nothing has been added or amended from the original teaching in Japan. It is taught the same way that Chujiro Hayashi taught Chiyoko Yamaguchi and her family.
It is pure, simple and extremely effective.

Training and Certification

Judy received her training and certification with Tadao Yamaguchi, who with his mother founded the Jikiden Reiki Institute in Japan. She received her training in the Usui Reiki session method. Judy is Jikiden Reiki Shoden & Okuden attuned.

Judy more recently completed her training for Shihankaku and is now qualified to teach Shoden (level one) of Jikiden Reiki. She received her training with Mari Okazaki.

Judy is also a Certified Bars Facilitator. Access Bars is one of the foundational tools of Access Consciousness and has been called the shortcut to clearing the mind, healing the body and achieving inner peace. There are 32 points or bars on the head. Activating these points by lightly touching them allows the energy to flow, releasing the electrical charge of all the considerations, thoughts, beliefs, decisions, and emotions or points of view you have stored, that are limiting you. Similar to deleting the files on your computer hard drive, more space becomes available to receive and create something new.

I had Jikiden Reiki for the first time last year. When I moved back to the area, I looked specifically for a Jikiden Reiki Practitioner. I found Judy Hansen online and arranged a visit. Judy was very welcoming & friendly. Her home was so inviting, & I felt transformed after the first Reiki session. Judy's gentle manner & professionalism made me feel completely at ease. I've seen her since then, for a series of Access Bars treatments, as well. It was just as beneficial! I would highly recommend Judy Hansen to anyone wanting to improve their health & well-being. She's a wonderful person!
C.S. - Waterloo, ON

I have experienced a variety of energy healing modalities in the past and when I first found Judy I was looking for someone who could do Reiki. Upon meeting me, Judy suggested I try a session of access bars which I had never experienced before. Judy's warm and welcoming nature made it very easy to trust her. After my first session I was more relaxed than I think I have ever been. I signed up for 4 more sessions and at the end of the 5 weeks was so hooked I signed up for a course, learning the bars myself! Judy's gentle approach, vibrant smile and infectious laugh made my time with her not only relaxing but enjoyable!
Cynthia Miller - Stratford, ON

I was given a gift when i was introduced to Judy Hansen's practice. I was new to Access Bars but very familiar with Reiki. I had been having Reiki sessions for many years. Judy's Jikiden Reiki is a deeper more spiritual experience for me than any other Reiki session I've had previously. When I book an appointment with Judy we decide between us which modality I need the most on that day. Thank you Judy, you are a calm, caring, intuitive healer.
Ruth Peirson Associate Polarity Therapy Practitioner Certified Spa Aesthetician

I have been a client of Judy's since 2013 for both Reiki and Access Bars. In the past I have been to different practitioners for Reiki. Judy explained that her Reiki and Access Bars treatments were different. They definitely were! Originally, when I first met Judy, she used Reiki to help my daughter with an ear infection. My daughter's ears cleared immediately after the session and she was able to hear properly again. In fact, she healed quickly afterwards. I have recently been seeing Judy on a regular basis for stress management. The sessions have helped diminish anxiety and her work keeps me calm, grounded and feeling well. I would not hesitate to recommend Judy, as the results have been amazing.

I have had several Reiki sessions with Judy. Her touch is calm and reassuring and she clearly takes great joy in sharing the healing properties of Reiki with others. The sessions are deeply relaxing, and I believe Reiki has helped to eliminate the foot pain I was having, from Plantar Fasciitis. Judy has an uplifting quality about her...and I really look forward to a visit with her darling little poodle, Zoey, as well!
Kymm Franken, Yoga Teacher and Thai Yoga Massage Practitioner - Stratford, ON

Judy was present when I dropped a large ceramic serving bowl on my bare foot. She immediately applied reiki and within minutes, I had no pain. To my amazement, when we checked my foot the following day, I had no mark or bruise.
Kim S. - London, ON

I had been suffering with an earache for several days, and didn’t take the time out to go to the doctor. Judy placed her hand on my ear and after about 5 minutes, we heard a gurgley-like noise. It was the pressure in my ear releasing! I saw my doctor a few days later, and had him check my ear……it was clear of any infection.
Ken H. - Stratford, ON

Fee Chart




Shoden class (level one) 



Access Bars Session*



Access Body Processes



Ayurvedic Head Massage**



*All sessions are approx. 60 to 75 minutes in length.
** Approx. 45 to 60 minutes in length.

Multiple session discount:
Book 5 sessions and receive a 10% discount.

*GIFT CERTIFICATES are also available.

PLEASE NOTE: These sessions are NOT to be used as an alternative to medical advice but a tool to facilitate better health. Please be sure to consult a physician for all health-related matters.



Gentle but powerful healing touch for relaxation, relief from pain & discomfort and activation of the body’s immune system. This ancient form of healing has been effective in treating virtually every known illness and is beneficial for both the body and the mind.

The session is non-intrusive and consists of the patient laying on a session table in comfortable clothing and covered with a blanket while the Reiki practitioner gently places her/his hands on specific energy points of the body. The patient may feel warmth from the Reiki practitioner’s hands and enjoy a sense of relaxation and well being.

Circulation Treatment

Reiki is performed as above with 10 minutes added on for circulation massage, at no extra charge.


Judy also offers meditation instruction for a small food bank donation. The benefits of Meditation are numerous, some of which are listed below: